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Noblesse oblige. And so it is: nobility obliges. Since Hoya is the world's largest optical manufacturer and one of the most prestigious brands at the same time, you can count on their service to be of the highest grade too. The official service station for Hoya filters is Tokina Service Europe in the city of Almere, the Netherlands. It's the service station for the whole of Europe.

But what could possibly be wrong with a filter? Well, not that much actually. Of course you can break it or scratch it, as a user. You could etch its coating with sea water or saliva or some other etching fluid. Also, certain types of filters ware out in time. Like a polarizer, that consists of a thin polarizing film between two sheets of glass. With many other brands moist can penetrate through the filters edges and that will 'eat' away the film. But frankly, none of these topics apply to a Hoya filter, since the edges of our filters are polished and painted black.

Spontane incidents with filters very seldom occur. Sometimes, very, very, very rarely the mounting spring comes loose. But most of the time this is the result of an external force. Fact is, as the official Hoya importer and European service station we know that service requests for Hoya filters has never been higher than 0,001 percent.

So what do we need Hoya service and support for? Well, just because when someone out of that 0,001 percent needs our support, we want to be there. And so we are.

To obtain service, warranty or some other kind of support, we advise you to start with the reseller where you purchased your product. Also when this has been a webshop. All resellers are obliged to provide you service after the their sale. In general your shop will send a service request to the official service station. In case of a warranty claim your need to send in both the original purchase receipt and the original packaging (the filter box). If the warranty can be ascertained you will be charged no cost at all for repair or replacement. If no warranty can be ascertained, many shops tend to not charge you for handling and transport.

If you wish to send in you filter directly to Tokina Service Europe, then obviously you pay for shipment yourself.

Did you purchase your filter outside the Netherlands, Belgium or Luxemburg, than handling and/or cost of transportation are not covered by warranty.

More about our service policy can be found on this page.