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SI 6YearWarranty2015 badgeSix years of product warranty offers end users of Sirui unsurpassed certainty. This long warranty period is a result of Sirui’s unrivaled control procedures during development, production and after assembly. In each of these three phases of a product's life cycle, the manufacturer enforces strict measurement and control procedures. The customers chances of obtaining a Sirui product in less than 100% quality is virtually nil. And we can make that hard. Sirui's quality management shows that over the last 3 years an error rate of no more than 0.003% on total production has been realized.

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Product development

Product development is part of Sirui's DNA. The founder and owner is an engineer himself and he has a passion for fine mechanics and aesthetic design. Consequently, Sirui's products are highly thought-out and they look good. During the product development process, the design is repeatedly submitted to user groups for testing and feedback, so that the design meets the requirements of application. Of the designs, the Research & Development Team manufactures prototypes that are subjected to a series of practice and sustainability tests. Tripod legs are tested for flexibility, or to put it better: rigidity. Ball heads are checked for load capacity. There are tests in extremely cold and extremely hot environments in specially prepared freezing cells and ovens. This ensures that the product will continue to function flawlessly for long periods of time - and under severe conditions. After a new product has been designed, tested and tried it is ready to be taken into production.

Production - 100% control: each product leaving the factory has been checked

In their huge factory complex Sirui manufactures, composes and packs countless numbers of components and final products. To ensure optimum and stable quality, many points of control are part of the different production phases. As one of the few tripod manufacturers, Sirui manufactures the carbon fiber components in their own factory. And aluminum parts, such  as shoulders and heads, are also cold-pressed and finished at Sirui’s. Each semi-manufactured product is checked for numerous attributes, such as dimensions, hardness, load capacity and finish. Not before each and every component has been approved, they are passed down for assembly.

The assembly of Sirui products takes place partly mechanically and partly by hand. As is the quality control of the finished products. They are subject to mechanical controls, like with the semi-manufactures, but there is also a special department where every product is monitored by human eye and hand. For example, each tripod leg is manually pushed in and out, and tightened and released again repeatedly.

The chances for a Sirui product to leave the factory in a less than perfect state is virtually non-existent.

SI corp QualityCheck 400pPackaging and shipping

All effort is to no avail, if a high-quality product is not properly packed for transport. Consequently, Sirui devotes serious attention to packaging and shipping. Those who know the brand already, know that the products are ‘multi-layered’ factory-packaged. Most tripod models, for example, are wrapped in a plastic sheet, with a sachet silica gel to keep it dry. The product in the sheet is then put in the supplied bag which – in turn - is also in a plastic sheet. Around comes a carton box. The individual products are then packed in sturdy boxes for international transport.

Since most Sirui products are provided with serial numbers, the entire process from semi-manufactures to final products is verifiable. And since the Sirui brand is only available through a worldwide but selective dealer network, you can have confidence in Sirui.

Through their passion and comprehensive quality policy Sirui has emerged as one of the most prominent tripod brands in the world in just over ten years.

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