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There are at least two reflection surfaces between your subject and the lens. One at the front and one at the back surface of your filter. When you consider the great effort a lens manufacturer took to minimize the internal reflections of their lenses, you can figure out too that it is less than intelligent to screw on a cheap filter onto your precious lens. Or a dirty filter. Or one with finger prints all over it.
Be wise: keep your filter completely clean. Any filth should be removed before taking pictures.
Do yourself a favor and buy a Hoya filter from the HD class. They possess an extra hardened scratch resisting top coating that makes cleaning your filter very simple. You can do it very gently with your T-shirt if you want, but surely we advise a special cleaning cloth.

Also avoid stray light from shining into your lens form the side. From that angle reflections occur much easier. A lens hood is a truly effective aid.
So there you have it: a good filter is more than just a sheet of glass. There is always something more to tell. That is, with Hoya filters there is.