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Color filter

One could say: color filters are obsolete. In the old days of emulsion photography the color filters were use to bring in exotic colors into the image, compensate for colorized ambient light or influence the density range in black&white photography. But that was film. Now we are working digitally, we can influence color on camera or on the computer in the post production process.

Still there are photographers in favor of the use of color filters, because using a color filter brings in a creative dynamics when in the act of photographing, rather than manipulating your image files on the computer.

Hoya has a long range of color filters and all over the world they are widely used. Just not in the Benelux, where there is very little demand for these filter types. We therefore do not show them on our web pages.
Don't hesitate to contact us though if you want information on color filters, you can always contact us. Or why not drop by a decent professional photo shop?