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Pro1D - Pro1 Digital

ND8PD COMP 2The Pro1D class was developed by Hoya for digital camera's. You can tell by its four coating layers (on both sides), that reduces reflections to the absolute minimum and improve transparency at the same time.

Hoya's Pro1D class with its multi-coating boasts a transmission of 98%. Not many other brands can compete with that. The glass is optical quality and polished intensely, before the coatings are deposited. The result is a truly remarkable filter, totally fit for the modern digital photography.

Pro1D filter mount is, like all Hoya mounts, composed of high grade aluminium alloy and it is very thin indeed. Only 4,25mm for the UV and protector and no more than 5mm for the polarizers. Objective for these extra-slim mounts are of course enabling photography with the (ultra) wide lenses. No vignetting will occur.

Another important attribute of the Pro1D series is the finish of the filter glass. Needless to say it is made of optical glass and polished on both sides to attain maximum resolution and transmission. And thanks to the multi coating (4 layers on both sides) the reflection has been minimized. To further add to the quality the glass edge is polished and colored black. And here's why. The edge of the filter glass is positioned inside the aluminium mount (ring). Were this edge not black, but bare, then within the glass pane itself small reflections could emerge. This would cause a loss of overall brilliance. That's why Hoya sprays the edges black. Again: it is a Hoya solution in the quest for ever better photography result.